Keeping Philanthropy Quiet

Date: August 1, 2012 Author: aque Categories: Latest News

Transparency and accountability are mantras in the charitable sector at the moment. The availability of financial and operational information about registered charities is growing, and every new tool drives expectations higher. One of the victims of this trend is privacy within Canadian private foundations. We are finding that the erosion of privacy within private foundations is becoming a major concern for philanthropists and would-be philanthropists. Many feel exposed by the data that can...

Short-Long Legacy Funds

Date: May 1, 2012 Author: aque Categories: Latest News

Can a charitable fund have two durations? Can it be a long-term endowment and also make an immediate payout? At Aqueduct Foundation the answer is “yes”. The structure is called "short-long" legacy fund. A short-long legacy fund is a specialized solution and is used to address specific estate planning situations. The primary benefit is that the will names a single charity, Aqueduct Foundation, but the donor’s wishes can be accommodated at a later date to meet future needs. Here's an...

Better Life Insurance Gifts

Date: April 1, 2012 Author: aque Categories: Latest News

Over the past 33 years, gifts of life insurance in Canada have promised more than they’ve delivered. Thousands of policies have been donated since 1979 when the rules changed to allow premiums to be receipted. Unfortunately, a high percentage of donated policies lapse before the donors die. Aqueduct Foundation has a better way to help make these gifts successful. First, let us outline a few practical reasons for the lapse rates. 1. Charitable life insurance policies are sold in the...

Endowments Revistited

Date: March 1, 2012 Author: aque Categories: Latest News

Endowments are long-term charitable funds invested to make annual payouts to support a charitable purpose. They have become a popular and important structure for Canadian charities, especially over the last 20 years. There are three main reasons for the popularity of endowment funds. First, endowments offer long-term stable funding for a charitable purpose. Second, the funds are prudently invested to balance annual payout and long-term asset protection. Third, named endowment funds create an...

Combination Gift Plans

Date: February 1, 2012 Author: aque Categories: Latest News

A donor advised fund is a planning structure that can be used to coordinate personal philanthropy at death and during life. At Aqueduct Foundation, when donors make multiple gifts to achieve their ultimate philanthropic goal we call it a “combination gift plan”.   Donors often start by their articulating their philanthropic goals when they are revising their will and establishing a legacy fund. A legacy fund requires no current donations -- only a clause in the will to ensure it...

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